Jury awards $1 million to woman who was wrongfully terminated by Harrah’s

As reported in the Kansas City Star:

A Clay County jury has awarded a woman $1 million in actual and punitive damages after she claimed Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino and Hotel wrongfully terminated her. Former security employee Michele Chambers of Kansas City said she was fired after she alerted the Missouri Gaming Commission that she was instructed by supervisors not to investigate, intervene or report to the commission gamblers who use multiple player cards in violation of state law. Violation of Missouri’s player-card rules could aid high rollers or compulsive gamblers seeking to exceed the state’s $500 buy-in limit every two hours and wager more than the law allows.”       

The story goes on to quote Casino Watch Executive Director, Evelio Silvera:

Bevelio (sic) Silvera, executive director at Casino Watch, a St. Louis-based anti-gambling citizens group in Missouri, was dismayed by the jury’s findings. This is an example becoming public of what we had suspected and hadn’t hoped was common practice — skirting the laws of Missouri, he said. I applaud this woman for what she’s gone through, the loss of her job…intimidation,’ Silvera said. He said he hoped her victory in court would encourage other casino workers to more readily report wrongdoing by casinos.”       

It is important to note that this case which involves a casino employee being fired for reporting the violation of Missouri law by Harrah’s to Gaming Official representatives at the casino HAS NOT been investigated by the Missouri Gaming Commission. One can only wonder why the Executive Director of the Gaming Commission has yet to call for an investigation…maybe these headlines will spur on some action.  UPDATE 12/20: Well now it seems there will be an investigation into this matter by the Missouri Gaming Commission. 


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