Daily Archives: January 16, 2008

Missouri Gaming Commission Statewide Market Study Reveals Support for Loss Limit

Survey Question Result Shows Support for $500 Loss Limit

Today the Missouri Gaming Commission released their Statewide market study prepared by the University of Missouri St. Louis entitled, “The Missouri Gaming Market: Gamer Profiles and the Estimated Impact of New Gaming Facilities on the State of Missouri and Missouri’s Gaming Industry.”

Among the questions asked of the 2,500 respondents was the following question:

Missouri currently has a law that limits the amount of money a single player can lose to $500 for every 2 hours at a gaming facility. Do you favor or oppose having a $500 loss limit?

According to the study the results showed that, “A clear majority of survey respondents favor the Missouri Loss Limit.” Over 60% of those surveyed are in favor of the loss limit versus an approximate 25% who are opposed to the loss limit.

The study also concluded that if the loss limit were repealed 33.7% of Missourians would have a less favorable opinion of gaming in Missouri versus only 7.2% that would have a more favorable opinion.

This study clearly indicates that Missourians overwhelmingly support the $500 loss limit. Casino Watch Executive Director Evelio Silvera explains, “Public sentiment in support of the loss limit is clear, and legislators should reject any and all legislation that would repeal the loss limit.”

(Casino Watch staff is currently conducting a full review and analysis of this MGC sponsored UMSL market study and will be releasing our findings soon, please check back for updates)