Daily Archives: January 30, 2008

Responsibility First – A Call to Action

In 2006 Singapore passed the Casino Control Act and included the “Third Party Exclusion.”  This exclusion bars people who have filed bankruptcy from casinos.  It seems intuitive that those who should be focused on their financial responsibilities should not be squandering money in a casino, but that is hardly the case in America.  However, Missouri Rep Tim Flook (R) believes that steps should be taken to ensure people live up to their responsibilities before entering a casino.  He introduced HB 1357 with co sponsors Cunningham, Kraus, Ruestman, Sander, Wells, Dusenberg, Emery, Schad, Ruzicka and Davis. HB 1357 states:

No person who has been found guilty of or has pled guilty to the crime of nonsupport of a spouse or child under section 568.040, RSMo, shall be admitted on an excursion gambling boat or in a casino in this state until such time as the person has satisfied all arrearages due.

This legislation represents a great first step to help protect those families who could otherwise take a back seat to the casinos.  Children are effected enough from gamblers in the form of neglect and abuse.  Please don’t let more children suffer because money for their care is gambled in a casino.  Contact your local representative and let them know you what them to support HB 1357.