casinos file ballot intiative to remove loss limit

On Wednesday, the Missouri Secretary of State’s office approved ballot language for a ballot initiative filed by Troy Stremming, an executive with Ameristar Casino.

The casino industry is supporting and pushing a variety of legislation in the Missouri General Assembly this session which would relax regulations on the industry, including removing the $500 loss limit. While representatives of gambling special interests have tried every year since gambling was legalized in Missouri to remove the loss limit, they have been up to this point unsuccessful. Now the casinos seek a vote of the people. It would seem logical then that state legislators would halt their quest to speak for Missourians and do the bidding of gambling special interests by forcing legislation through the legislature instead of letting the people speak.

Rick Alm of the Kansas City star reports:

Evelio Silvera, executive director of Casino Watch, said Wednesday the St. Louis-based anti-gambling organization will campaign against the measure to further relax state gambling laws.

“This is the last remnant of the original deal people voted on when they legalized gambling,” he said.

Silvera said he wouldn’t be worried if the people did vote again.

Citing recent public opinion survey findings by the Missouri Gaming Commission, Silvera noted that more than 60 percent of respondents supported the loss limit, while only around 25 percent supported repeal.


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