Daily Archives: March 3, 2008

Possible new casino brings out those supporting integrity

On April 8th Jefferson City faces a vote to change the local charter to allow riverboat gambling. The Jefferson City News Tribune reported Sunday that a new group has kicked off a campaign to fight against a local casino called Citizens Supporting Integrity (CSI). Over 175 people showed up to kick off the event and many signed up to offered support in the way of donations, displaying yard signs, helping with a phone campaign and voter registration. According to published material by CSI:

We are a group of concerned Jefferson City residents from differing backgrounds united in the effort to educate others on the negative economic and social consequences of a casino in our city.

There are a number of casino myths and false promises. Arm your self with the facts and help us support integrity in Jefferson City.

CSI has a well organized webpage (www.csijeffcity.com) that promotes three ideals: Casinos’ Predatory Nature Impairs Economic Development, Erodes the Proper Role of Government and Destroys the Unique Culture of Jefferson City. Speaking specifically of the impact of a casino in the Capital City the News Tribune reported:

Hugh Sprague, volunteer for the local Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission, said “casinos destroy the unique culture of Jefferson City.”

The Capital City is not a large metro area, nor is it economically depressed, Sprague noted. But with the potential money the casino would bring, comes the problems too, he said.

“If you put all the legislators and all the lobbyists and a casino in one place, you’ve got problems,” Sprague said. He cited recent scandals involving casino lobbyists and politicians in Missouri as well as other states.

These arguments were very well received at the kick off and were supported by sound reason, logic and facts. A gathering that large and that well organizing is extremely encouraging. Please visit their website and inform others of their efforts.