Daily Archives: March 7, 2008

A growing but deadly college trend

Guest Article:

The public is recently becoming more aware of college students’ growing draw toward gambling. A recent story by ABC’s New York affiliate WSYR covered addiction counselor Jim Klein’s recent talk at Syracuse University. WSYR’s coverage of Mr. Klein recaps his speaking on the phases of pathological gambling – winning, losing, and desperation and how Klein explains “…the desperation phase speaks for itself.”

The network reports that studies are showing that one in five teens in the central New York state area has gambling problems. This new addiction among college students is on the rise, and it is definitely something to be concerned about, as it is the “invisible addiction,” as Klein calls it, since it has no tells like the addiction of drug abuse.

WSYR concludes that this new wave of gambling among college students is “…costing students and their parents thousands of dollars each year – and in some instances, their lives.” As an addiction counselor, Klein confirms that the depression resulting from the “desperation phase” can easily spiral out of control. Channel 9’s records “’The first three men I saw said they wanted to commit suicide, because of their gambling problem,’ Klein said.”