Daily Archives: March 10, 2008

let the spin begin

As previously reported, the casinos have submitted a petition to the Secretary of State to remove the loss limit.  The St Louis Post Dispatch explains that the casinos must collect between 140,000 to 150,000 signatures before May 4 to place the petition on the ballot for a vote of the people.  The casinos are wasting no time collecting signatures as they have already dispatched signature gathers to various governmental buildings and of course casinos across the state.  Those collecting signatures have begun spinning the issue away from gambling and toward something they hope will be more persuasive.  As the Post reports:

[W]hat’s interesting is that instead of focusing their pitch on the changes in the wagering laws – telling gamblers, for instance, that they would be able to spend as much as they want without having to tote an ID card around – the signatures gathers at Lumiere Place stuck to the same appeal about how the initiative would help education.

Labeling the effort “Yes for Schools First,” the casinos have sought to highlight the portion of the initiative that would increase states taxes – from 20 percent to 21 percent – on casino revenues.

The casinos have been spinning gambling as a cure-all for education for so long, that even when they are speaking to their core base of gamblers, they still choose to spin the issue away from gambling.  Don’t be fooled, arm yourself with the facts.  Visit www.losslimit.org!!!