Daily Archives: March 14, 2008

national problem gambling awareness week – fact of the day

From the National Council on Problem Gambling:

In Mississippi domestic violence centers reported 300% increase in requests for help after casinos opened

(National Gambling Impact commission Study)

Distasteful actions and broken promises

In another example of corruption in government and casino influence, we learn of the actions of New York lawmakers.  In an editorial posted online by the NY Daily News, we learn how politicians can be influenced to give the industry all the financial help they need, even at the expense of school children:

State lawmakers promised in 1966, when they created the lottery, that the proceeds would go to education.  State lawmakers promised again in 2001, when they authorized the introduction of video slot machines at horse racing tracks, that the proceeds would go to education.

And now they and Gov. Spitzer have broken that promise.  They have decided, in a typical back-room deal, that tens of millions of dollars that by rights should be spent on improving schools will instead prop up New York’s declining racing industry.

It’s an outrage. Using state-sponsored gambling to pay for education is distasteful enough. Using state-sponsored gambling to subsidize more gambling is plain wrong.

This is neither the first nor last time the industry used school children as a means to an end.  There are far better ways to fund education than expanded gambling and as this example proves, even when you think the money is going to the children, it may not.  Don’t buy into the exploitation of school children as a means to expand gambling.