Daily Archives: March 18, 2008

called off on account of rain…

The Missouri Gaming Commission and Executive Director Gene McNary have been under a lot of pressure regarding their recent decision to approve a new casino in Sugar Creek.  The Kansas City Star explains:

Gaming industry representatives, stock market analysts and some state lawmakers have sharply criticized the commission in recent weeks for considering an additional casino in the Kansas City market at a time Kansas is preparing to build two state-owned gambling facilities in neighboring Wyandotte County.

This week Gov. Matt Blunt put his two cents worth into the debate. Asked whether the governor had a backstage role in the commission’s sudden cooling on Sugar Creek, spokeswoman Nanci Gonder said, “Gov. Blunt has had no specific conversations with the Commission on this topic, but the governor’s opposition to expanding gaming is well known.”

In its latest meeting, the MCG planned on addressing the sole applicant for Sugar Creek but this political pressure has caused a considerable amount of backpedaling on the issue.  There are various bills in the legislature attempting to stop a new casino and there have been several different reports about the changing nature of the latest MCG meeting.  The most recent report, however, explains that the meeting has been outright cancelled.  I could be wrong about the decision to cancel the meeting being a result of Gene McNary’s and the Commission’s incitement of the entire Missouri casino industry, the legislature and the Governor.  After all, the spokeswoman for the Gaming Commission did say the meeting was cancelled ‘“due to inclement weather.”’