Daily Archives: March 25, 2008

true colors

Harvard Law School formed an organization called the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society (GPSTS).  At the time they claimed it was simply an educational tool looking to use the strategic concepts of poker to learn about math, negotiations and other educational worthy material.  Today we learn the truth.  The CW 47 out of Columbia is reporting that the GPSTS is publicly opposing Gov Patrick’s legislation that would make online poker illegal with up to two years in jail and maximum fine of $25,000:

The group plans to demand that Governor Deval Patrick explain who wrote the provision of the casino bill outlawing poker, which a Harvard Law Professor called “crazy and non-sensical.”

“I don’t think filling our expensive jail cells with poker players is what Massachusetts voters had in mind when they elected Deval Patrick,” said Charles Nesson, the Harvard professor who founded the GPSTS.

Governor Patrick “owes the people of Massachusetts an explanation” as to how the anti-poker provision found its way into the bill, Nesson said.  “We intend to keep pushing this until we get answers from the governor,” Nesson added.

It is now completely obvious and clear that the organization is nothing more than a shell for the gambling industry who’s real purpose is to try to hook students early into supporting gambling so they can promote a political agenda.  It’s bad enough that Harvard’s educational system would seek to use gambling as a method of education, but to use students to be the gambling industry’s political arm under the guise of education is indefensible.