Daily Archives: April 17, 2008

the next great st louis convention area… and 3:00 am drinking too!

The St Louis Post Dispatch is reporting what could prove to be yet another embarrassment for local governing agencies.  They explain:

The St. Louis County Council will consider helping the Pinnacle Casino in Lemay serve liquor until 3 a.m. daily in restaurants and entertainment areas outside the gaming floor when it opens. Currently, the casino could serve alcohol in those areas until 1:30 a.m.

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley last week asked the Council to declare the Pinnacle site a convention trade area. The move gives the county authority to issue a liquor license that would add the extra time to serve liquor outside the gaming floor. The state gaming commission must approve the change before Pinnacle could serve liquor until 3 a.m. outside the gaming area.

One look at the surrounding area proves this is not a convention area.  And the newly constructed casino facility will hardly qualify as a convention center especially considering how much of the original proposal has been sidelined.

If both the Council and the Missouri Gaming Commission approve Pinnacle’s request, they will be sending a clear message: Its okay for the government to encourage excess drinking and gambling because it means more money in the pockets of the casinos and local governments. We have been embarrassed enough by past actions of casino money buying local government and I truly hope our local government agencies will reject such an obvious attempt to strip more money out of the pockets of Missourians in such an underhanded way.