Daily Archives: May 13, 2008

Casino targets local colleges to recruit new employees

The Joplin Globe reported that the Downstream Casino Resort held a job fair at Missouri Southern State University.  The casino, being built by a tribe in Oklahoma where it borders Missouri and Kansas, plans to open on July 5th and is looking for those just entering the job market to promote there predatory industry.

It’s unfortunate that new graduates are being targeted to work in the casino industry.  Forbes magazine has rated some casino jobs among the worst paying jobs in America.  It’s also unfortunate that students are recruited to work in these environments without really thinking about what kind of product they are promoting.  Given how impressionable new students seeking their first job are, I doubt they think about the number of bankruptcies or suicides they will contribute to or the number of families casinos pull apart because of abuse and neglect caused by gambling addiction.

I just hope that those who are looking into jobs in predatory industries like gambling understand what they will be associating themselves with and that they are not unduly influenced because the casinos showed up at a local college looking for new young and impressionable employees.