How the concepts behind the loss limit may help an entire country

Sometimes we take for granted the great protections we have here for Missouri Families and residents. We have shown in the past how the $500 loss limit can curb crime in our state by preventing money laundering and organized crime which helps drive drug dealers, criminals and even terrorist out of the state. And we have also shown how the loss limit provides the necessary check for enforcing the Disassociated Persons List and thus protects problem gamblers. Now it looks like the idea of tracking wins and losses through loyalty reward cards is catching on in Canada. The Victorian Times is reporting that they have a severe problem with both problem gamblers and money laundering and may have a solution

Both the money-laundering issue and the ongoing problem-gambling issue could be addressed by implementing a mandatory access card system in casinos (or, in more positive terms, customer loyalty cards with preferential odds).

Such a system would link deposits and winnings to individuals, allowing an independent monitoring body to identify persons who might be potential problem gamblers or money launderers. With such a system in place, the casinos and government would have to take more responsibility for helping problem gamblers (through counseling resources and access restriction programs).

The problem is that both the casinos and governments, working together to take peoples money, make such change difficult and the people of Canada are worried such problems will never be addressed. The article continues

Allowing a close examination of casino revenue is a problem for casinos and governments, because a significant portion of revenue from electronic gambling machines comes from heavy gamblers and any actions to address problem gambling and money laundering might reduce revenue.

We cannot simply pretend that casino revenue is just an entertainment tax or a tax on the innumerate. We have a problem with our casinos that is begging to be addressed and a relatively straightforward solution.

This scenario is all too common both here at home and abroad. However, we should hold our head high, as we have been willing to stand up to government here in Missouri and protect our families through our $500 loss limit. If we can stay strong and keep supporting loss limits here, who knows what kind of impact such resolve could have for an entire country!!!


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