The ugly side of the “fastest growing mental health problem in the western world.”

Another unfortunate story about a parent choosing gambling over their child has surfaced.  However, this example proves just how dangerous gambling addictions can be for children and just how tough they are to overcome.  The Sowetan out of Africa explains:

The errant Ekurhuleni woman who not so long ago hit the headlines after dumping her then seven-month-old baby with her helper and went gambling, has done it again.

This time Nomvuyo Williams, 35, a self-confessed gambling addict, has abandoned the baby with her friend Zoleka Nyengane.

Williams was last seen in April. Her disappearance happened barely three months after Sowetan exposed her for neglecting her baby.

This placed her friend in dire straits as she was left without any money or means to take care of the child.  The article continues:

“We have been good friends for a long time and I cannot believe she is doing this to me. She did not even leave a cent for the baby,” said Nyengane.

“I love this baby and I love Nomvuyo too, but I cannot look after her and my three children because I am unemployed and my husband is very sick.

“The baby is still young and needs napkins, milk and other baby food, and I cannot afford all that. She was very sick a few weeks ago when she was teething and needed her mother,” Nyengane said.

The New England Journal of Medicine states that “pathological gambling is the fastest growing mental heath problem in the western world.” It would seem that those who claim people should simply take responsibility for their actions and regulations on gambling are unnecessary, clearly don’t understand the power of addiction.

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