gambling instead of eating

Guest Commentary by David Randolph:

‘Put your money where your mouth is.’ This is an adage that many Australians have apparently decided to ignore.  According to the Australian newspaper the Herald Sun, “In 2006-07, …(Australians) spent almost $91.5 million, or $4350 each, on food, Bureau of Statistics figures say.”

But gaming industry figures show that in 2005-06 (Australian) adults spent $148 million — an average of $9491 each — on gambling, though the figures do also include tourists

Statistics like these force us to question how far gambling addiction can take each one of us. Your money goes to what matters to you, and when gambling becomes more important than our basic neccesities it has come time to take a step back and have an honest discussion on the destructive effects of gambling. I hope that Australians will take a long hard look at these compelling figures and decide what must be done to eradicate gambling addiction in their country.

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