Kansas Supreme Court provides ruling in Gambling case

The Kansas City Star reported the ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court on the issue of state owned casinos in Kansas:

The case focused on one central point: Did the new law meet the Kansas Constitution’s definition of a “state owned and operated lottery” when casino developers would run the business and own the facilities? In a unanimous ruling released Friday morning, the court said it did.

The Supreme Court rejected the argument that KS does not really own anything but the profits because they won’t purchase the equipment, market their product or absorb any expenses related to doing business. The Kansas City Star article explained:

“While the state is not the exclusive owner and operator of all aspects of the lottery enterprise under (the law), the state owns and operates the enterprise itself and owns and operates key elements of the lottery,” the ruling states.

The Court’s view of ownership seems to differ from that of every other state who’s model and system is the same as KS. Deference without distinction? Yes. A surprising ruling from a state facing serous economic shortfalls looking for to be bailed out by gambling revenues? No


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