Daily Archives: July 1, 2008

And so it begins…

The Olympics have no doubt evolved from their once time honored Greek tradition with a focus on religion and sportsmanship to an organization that has found itself in tough political situations ranging from doping scandals to boycotts and violence.  Unfortunately, its criticism continues to mount as gambling finds itself in the fold.  Casino Watch has already reported the unfortunate story that the IOC is taking steps to prevent in-house cheating and game fixing in order to secure the integrity of the games and now it seems that we are right on schedule to let the betting begin:

With the Summer games less than a month away, online casinos and gambling outfits are slowing beginning to roll-out the betting odds for people interested in wagering on the games.  The most general and broad category of 2008 Summer Olympics betting is the medal table.  The medal table is simply a tally of who win’s the most medals; gold, bronze, and silver.

“The 2008 Olympics in Beijing is expected to have the highest TV ratings of all the previous summer games.  It’s going to be an enormous betting event, especially in places around Europe”, says Lee Rockwell, Senior Editor of Online Casino Sphere, who will be traveling to China to cover the games next month.

I hope we wont need to change the Olympic rings to the Olympic sport books.