Daily Archives: July 14, 2008

Missouri casinos really don’t believe in “limits”

A new kind of loss limit story has surfaced.  This time instead of the casino’s trying to spend millions of dollars to remove the loss limit, one seems to be encouraging players to ignore it all together.  Rick Alm of the Kansas City Start explains:

Somebody at Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino and Hotel wasn’t thinking before placing the full-page ad that appears on Page 3 of today’s Kansas City Star Preview section.  It shows three guys playing what appears to be blackjack. One of the guys is passing a chip to another guy….No big deal, right? Wrong, at least in Missouri.

Under the state’s unique loss limit rules it is unlawful to give chips or slot machine credits to another player, said Les Hahn, a gaming enforcement manager for the Missouri Gaming Commission.

The ad was no doubt in bad taste as it sends the message that it’s okay to try to circumvent the law.  Luckily for the families of Missouri, enforcement personnel from the Missouri Gaming Commission will be watching.  Rick Alm continues:

[I]f you give somebody chips you can expect a firm tap on the shoulder from an eye-in-the-sky security agent and your day could be ruined.  Hahn said Harrah’s ad is now getting a bit of official scrutiny in Jefferson City.

“It’s something we’ll certainly look at,” he said. “We may have a conversation with (Harrah’s) that it may be in poor form to represent a gambling activity that would cause a violation of the regulations.”  Harrah’s officials could not be reached.