Daily Archives: September 5, 2008

Another reason why Prop A is dangerous for Missouri minors

Proposition A, lead by the casino funded Yes on A coalition, seeks to not only eliminate the $500 loss limit, but it also looks to eliminate the requirement to check casino patrons identification. It seems the casinos don’t want to limit anyone from entering the gaming floor including criminals, those on the self-ban list and even minors.  Actually, the casinos want the floor to be so open that they go beyond just removing the identification check, Prop A seeks to remove any future identification technology.  This is very dangerous and problematic for our youth.

As Casino Watch has explained, by the age of 20, half of Missouri’s youth has already gambled. A vote for Prop A means a vote to open the gambling floor to minors.  The casino industry would have you believe that they can spot underage gambling, but the truth is there are countless examples of kids not only making it on the gambling floor, but also gambling.  One shocking story comes from Philly News online:

Gambling regulators have cited Harrah’s Chester Casino for allowing a child on the casino floor.  The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board last week fined the casino $20,000 for allowing a 14-year-old girl on the casino floor in March of this year. Board spokesman Richard McGarvey said the girl got onto the floor, gambled, and cashed in the winnings before being caught.

Fortunately, this child was caught on the way out of the casino, but she gamble and cashed in her winnings.  There are so many more examples, including Australia, where its reported that as much as 10% of parents and guardians are caught with children on the gambling floor. Sadly, these are just the examples of those who eventually got caught.  So many more make it in and out with out ever getting caught.  Removing the loss limit removes the boarding pass and a valid ID must be shown to obtain a boarding pass.  This is the only way to guarantee that everyone’s ID is checked and the most effective means of preventing underage gambling.