the joplin globe says no on proposition a

The Joplin Globe’s editorial board has taken a strong stance against Proposition A.  They point to several reasons it should be rejected including the devious nature of casinos attempting to shut down competition in the state through a cap on licenses.  They went on to share their position on just how terrible it is to use our school children for the casinos economic gain.  They included strong language from Webb City R-7 Superintendent Ron Lankford:

As for the rewards for schools, we looked to Webb City R-7 Superintendent Ron Lankford, who says Proposition A is “about gambling, not about education,” he said.

In fact, the longtime superintendent told us that he resents groups using education as a carrot to entice people to vote for a measure.

“There is a hard sell to pass this initiative, and education tends to be an area that people are interested in, so they will vote yes on it because they think it will help the schools,” he said.

In the end, Lankford believes propositions like this jade the voters and eventually end up hurting local school districts.

“The initiative would grant casinos as monopoly in Missouri on the backs of education.”

The Joplin Globe understands how the casinos are attempting to control the competitive environment.  Lets not make losers of the people and let the casinos create a monopoly on the backs of our school children.  Please encourage others to Visit for more information


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