why springfield area superintendents don’t trust proposition A

Many school districts are being told that they will be receiving money if Proposition A passes, many superintendents are not counting on the money.  In the Springfield area, Nixa is projected by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to receive $417,001 but the school district is not planning on seeing any money.  The Springfield News Leader spoke with the Nixa superintendent Stephen Kleinsmith and the finance director for Nixa schools, Brenda Rantz, and they outlined why they were skeptical:

They don’t trust the projections and consider any fund increases to be “soft money.”

They feel it will give the false impression that public schools won’t need additional help beyond the increase. Or, in other words, legislators might be less likely to find new ways to fund public education because they will assume that the schools need less.

They think there is a real ethical problem with trying to fund public schools with gambling losses that will cause addicts and their families to suffer…

I asked Kleinsmith: Does Prop. A feel like the mobster uncle who wants to give money to your favorite charity?

“Exactly, something just doesn’t feel right about it,” Kleinsmith said

More and more superintendents are coming forward with reservations on Proposition A and feel this is a scrupulous way to attempt to fund our schools.  Vote No on A and encourage everyone you know to sign up and volunteer to help put Missouri First.


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