Daily Archives: October 16, 2008

MissouriNet: So many Different Groups Oppose Prop A

MisouriNet News featured a story outlining just how many different kind of groups are in opposition to Proposition A. I guess there is something in there for everyone to dislike. Download or listen to the audio at the link below:


NPR Public Radio – Proposition A will allow Criminals in the Casinos

KCUR – NPR Public Radio outlined the problems with Proposition A removing the mandatory identification requirements which are currently protecting Missouri.  Check out their story below:


St Louis – KMOV: The Deceptive Pro-casino Initiative

KMOV in St Louis covered the launch of NOonA.com and highlighted the David vs Goliath battle ahead.  Chairwoman of the House Committee on Education, Jane Cunningham, explained how Proposition A  cannot guarantee the money to education:


Kansas City NBC Action News: Millions for schools or the economic downfall for Missouri families?

KSHB, Kansas City’s NBC Action News clearly articulates the dangers to Missouri families from Proposition A.  Check out their story by following the link below – don’t miss the video on the upper right section of the page.


Ky3 in Springfield: Prop A is either a choice between Missouri families losing or some money for schools.

Ky3 in Springfield has a fair and balanced story about what proposition A means for the voters of Missouri.  Check out their story by following the link below


The Ky3 New Blog has both gubernatorial statements on why the loss limit is worth protecting as well as a longer video framing the debate.