The neediest schools wont be helped by Proposition A – don’t fall for their deception

The Kansas City Star provided commentary on the new mail piece by the casinos who are funding and backing Prop A.  Even though the mailer points out that some money will be accessible in KC, they failed to point out which schools would receive nothing:

Here’s what the ad conveniently leaves out of the ad:

Most of the financially troubled school districts and most students in Jackson County would not receive new money soon if voters endorse the pro-gambling proposition.

Instead, well-off districts such as Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit would get $5 million of the funds.

Those two districts have about one-third of the county’s schoolchildren, but would get almost two-thirds of the new gambling money.

Here are the schools that would not get the funds under the state of Missouri’s school funding formula:

— Kansas City School District, around 20,000 students.

Independence School District, 13,000

Hickman Mills, 7,100

Fort Osage, 5,000

Grandview, 4,000


These are some of the neediest districts in the area, in terms of having students and taxpayers struggling to provide high-quality education for their children.


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