Another Hit to the Casinos: The KC Star says Vote NO on Prop A

Another major new source is tell the casinos thanks, but no thanks.  The KC Star has joined the St Louis Post Dispatch, The KC Tribune, and the Joplin Globe, in calling for a NO Vote on Proposition A.  The Star outlines many key reasons, explaining how each is an independent reason to reject Proposition A:

With Proposition A on Nov. 4, Missouri’s casinos are asking voters for unfettered access to gambling dollars. Don’t give it to them.  Proposition A would:
• Repeal the state’s $500 loss limit per gambling session, making it much easier for people to lose thousands at a time.

• Unfairly protect existing and planned casinos from any future competition in Missouri.

• Remove safeguards against gambling by felons who are banned from the casinos; no identification checks would be required and law enforcement difficulties would be increased.

• Increase, probably dramatically, the number of problem gamblers and the associated social costs.
Each of these reasons alone would be enough for a “no” vote on Proposition A.

The casinos are promising millions of dollars more for education if this measure passes. Where have Missouri voters heard that before? They should not be taken for a ride on this issue again.

It seems all the ‘Yes on A’ coalition can do is keep throwing money at voters.  They have an advantage with slick television ads and fancy mailers, but the people see the truth.  Tell everyone you know to visit for a list of all those in opposition to Prop A including the most pivotal school organizations who are refusing to endorse Prop A

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