St Louis Post Dispatch points out serious flaws in Prop A

On the front page of the St Louis Post Dispatch this morning, Joe Crawford outlined several clear flaws in Prop A including more elected officals explaining why the casinos are making empty promises about education dollars:

Rep. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, said there is no way to obligate the Legislature to spend a specific amount on education. “No department in government has a locked-in amount that they know they’re going to get,” said Cunningham, chair of the education committee in the Missouri House.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education can only explain where $54 million of the more than $105 million in potential new revenue might wind up. The uncertainty about the remaining money is owed to the fact that the state’s new school funding formula won’t be fully implemented for several more years.

For the complete story, click on the link below:

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