Bolivar MO News: No’ on Proposition A

From Kansas City, to Joplin, Springfield to Jefferson City, and Columbia to St Louis, major news sources are urging a NO Vote on Proposition because they understand it weakens our law enforcement, expands gambling at the worst economic time, and exploits our schools, all for the casino’s economic gain.

Bolivar MO News editor, Charlotte Marsch, has come out against Proposition A and the paper’s opinion echoes those superintendents and Missouri teachers unions who refuse to endorse Proposition A, because they know its not for education, its for the casinos:

This proposition was not dreamed up as a way to increase funding for public schools. It was developed as a way to help Missouri casinos ensure their revenue stream and limit competition. They knew they had to figure out a way to sell it to the public, and what better way than to increase funding for education.

For as long as casinos have been in Missouri, casino companies have tried to make the public believe casinos are a good thing because they provide funding for education. But don’t let them mislead you this time. Proposition A really isn’t about education but all about the casinos protecting their profit margins.

The full article is below:

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