Clean Sweep: The SouthEast Missourian Rounds Out the State Papers for “NO” on Prop A Endorsements

On Sunday the SouthEast Missourian endorsed a “NO” vote on Prop A:

This proposition has been touted as a way to raise more than $100 million for public education in Missouri, but the estimates are questionable, particularly at a time when the economy is down, as reflected by casino revenue in recent months. The real aim of the proposition is to remove the state’s loss limit and limit the number of casinos, thereby reducing both competition and future casino development around the state. This is not a good plan.

Now every major paper from around the state that has taken an editorial position has endorsed a “NO” vote on Proposition A.  Endorsements include, The Kansas City Star and KC Tribune, The Joplin Globe, The Jefferson City News Tribune, The Columbia Tribune, The SouthEast Missourian and the St Louis Post Dispatch.  Pick your reason or pick your paper, they all lead to a “NO” Vote on Proposition A.

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