Statement on Proposition A

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Nov 4, 2008) ST LOUIS – In today’s election, Proposition A has been passed.

Evelio Silvera, spokesperson for Casino Watch Committee issued the following statement:

“We are grateful for all those who joined us in this grassroots effort to protect Missouri families. We stood strong in a bipartisan effort along side both gubernatorial candidates, elected officials, superintendents, educators, virtually every major state newspaper, and Missouri citizens. It is unfortunate however, that the $16 million, carefully constructed campaign of distraction, has succeeded, especially in light of all three Missouri teachers unions refusing to endorse Proposition A. We wish we were able to deliver this message to more families.”

“We are truly a grassroots campaign made up of volunteers around the state. We want to thank them for their effort as well as other key organizations such as Eagle Forum, Concerned Woman of America, Family Research Council and Focus on the Family, Missouri Family Network, The Missouri Catholic Conference, the Missouri Baptist Convention, and especially Bott Radio Network.”


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