The Casinos are already backpedaling on their promises from Proposition A

In a recent article in the Springfield News-Leader Mike Winter, the executive director for the Missouri Gaming Association, said they may not be able to deliver on their promise of new money to schools:

While pushing Proposition A, which removed the $500 loss limit per two-hour “excursion,” proponents pointed to an estimate by the state auditor’s office that eliminating the cap would bring in an additional $105 million to $130 million in new money for schools.

That was before the economy went into a nosedive.  “We’re not different than other industries,” said Michael Winter, executive director of the Missouri Gaming Association. “There is the potential for individuals to re-evaluate whether they want to come to our properties.”

He said it’s also too early to know whether projections for increased ridership with the passage of Proposition A will be realized because they were made earlier in the year when the economy wasn’t so bleak.

It’s funny how quickly the casinos changed their tune.  Their argument is that the projections were made in early January and that they cant be trusted now in this current economic climate.  That argument was not being made just a few weeks ago during the campaign during the same economic conditions.  This is just another example of how the casinos lied to people to get what they wanted, followed by poor excuses for why they lied and why they cant deliver the money to schools.  I don’t know who is more at blame, the casinos for their deceptive methods, or the people who fell for their schemes not once, but now twice.

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