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Missouri Gaming Commission looking to authorize more expanded gambling

CNN is reporting Pinnacle Entertainment is looking to move their President Casino to a new spot on the Mississippi river, and they will likely see little resistance from the MGC.  The President has been in financial trouble all year and executives believe a move to a spot near the Chain of Rocks Bridge will help expand their business.

Without question the largest problem The President Caisno faced was the flooding this year, but a move to Chain of Rocks wont stop that problem.  The casino may very well find itself shutting down due to flooding because they are staying on the Mississippi and not moving too far from its current location.  However, The Kansas City Star is reporting that Pinnacle wants to use the old age of the boat to justify building a new onshore full casino complex like Lumiere Place:

Once the boat is settled in there, Pinnacle could replace it with a modern, off-river “boat in a moat” gambling complex.

Pinnacle spokesman Mack Bradley confirmed Tuesday that the company had an option on land there and hoped the move would be allowed.  “We’ve been assuming there will be some action to be taken in 2010, either repairs or looking at a new facility,” Bradley said.

The age of the boat combined with a desire to expand gambling, means the executive director of the MGC, Gene McNary, will want to push forward very quickly:

“I think the Gaming Commission agrees that the boat is old, the hull is not good,” McNary said. “So if Pinnacle decided to file an application we would move as quickly as possible to move the President.”

Also potentially expediting the move, McNary said, is the fact that Pinnacle’s executives already have undergone background checks, and a survey has already been performed on the site where the casino would potentially move. He declined to estimate how long the approval process might take.

TAKE ACTION:  If you live in the Chain of Rocks area you should plan to attend the MGC meeting and make a statement against moving the casino into your neighborhood. The Next MGC Commission meeting will take place Wednesday, December 3,2008 at the MGC main office in Jefferson City. Meeting time is 9:00 a.m.

Ameristar lays off 5% of work force after Prop A Passes

During the Proposition A campaign, we heard countless times that Prop A would protect jobs in Missouri.  The Yes on A campaign even played a commercial with an employee asking people to vote Yes on A to help save her job.  Casino Watch pointed out that market forces would impact job loss not the loss limit yet the casino’s continued to promises job protection with the passage of Prop A.

Unfortunately, the St Louis Post Dispatch reported that 120 employees have lost their jobs at Ameristar St Charles.  This represents 6.5% of their local workforce and 5% of their National workforce.  Unfortunately, Ameristar Kansas City also laid off 75 workers.  Remember that it was Ameristar and Troy Stremming who drafted and funded Prop A.  And it was Ameristar who said that Prop A would save jobs.  Yet the first casino to start laying off its employees is Ameristar.  This proves that even Troy Stremming knew Prop A could save jobs and they intentionally made more false promises, if not outright lies.