Ameristar lays off 5% of work force after Prop A Passes

During the Proposition A campaign, we heard countless times that Prop A would protect jobs in Missouri.  The Yes on A campaign even played a commercial with an employee asking people to vote Yes on A to help save her job.  Casino Watch pointed out that market forces would impact job loss not the loss limit yet the casino’s continued to promises job protection with the passage of Prop A.

Unfortunately, the St Louis Post Dispatch reported that 120 employees have lost their jobs at Ameristar St Charles.  This represents 6.5% of their local workforce and 5% of their National workforce.  Unfortunately, Ameristar Kansas City also laid off 75 workers.  Remember that it was Ameristar and Troy Stremming who drafted and funded Prop A.  And it was Ameristar who said that Prop A would save jobs.  Yet the first casino to start laying off its employees is Ameristar.  This proves that even Troy Stremming knew Prop A could save jobs and they intentionally made more false promises, if not outright lies.


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