Daily Archives: February 4, 2009

Allegations surface that impeached Gov Rob Blagojevich was a former mob bookie

A truly shocking story has been reported by ABC Channel 7 News in Chicago.  Robert Cooley, an attorney who went undercover for the FBI, came forward claiming Blagojevich was running an illegal gambling operation.  ABC Channel 7 News explained:

Cooley says that before Rod Blagojevich got into politics he was a bookmaker on the North Side who regularly paid the Chicago mob to operate.  “When I was working with government wearing wire, I reported, I observed Rod, the present governor, who was running a gambling operation out in the western suburbs. He was paying street tax to the mob out there,” said Robert Cooley, federal informant.

So how trustworthy is Robert Cooley?  ABC news explained:

Cooley was a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago in the late 1980’s who became one of the most potent witnesses against Chicago corruption, testifying for federal prosecutors in cases that resulted in dozens of convictions. During Operation Gambat in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Cooley’s undercover work and testimony put away 24 crooked politicians, judges, lawyers and cops.

A spokesman for Governor Blagojevich said on Tuesday evening that he cannot comment on Cooley, the bookmaking allegation or the mob payoffs.

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