Daily Archives: February 13, 2009

Details of FBI wiretaps on Impeached Blagojevich’s alleged gambling related “pay to play” policy released

Casino Watch Focus has reported that the “pay to play” allegations of now Impeached Gov Blagojevich were centered around gambling.  Now, The Kansas City Star has reported on the content of the FBI wiretaps that lead to Blagojevich’s impeachment:

[I]mpeachment jurors were able to listen to FBI wiretaps of conversations in which he seems to demand campaign contributions in exchange for signing legislation.

One person on the recordings assures Blagojevich that a horse-racing track owner “is good for it” and just has to decide “what accounts to get it out of.” Another assures him the track owner knows he must keep his “commitment” soon.

Blagojevich replies with comments such as “good” and “good job.” Legislation sought by the racing industry had been sent to the governor’s desk, and on the tapes, he says to reassure a racing lobbyist he hopes “to do this so we can get together and start picking some dates to do a bill-signing.”

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