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URGENT: HB566 – Mini Casinos are one step closer

Casino Watch Focus has reported many times on the threat of HB566.  This bill, sponsored by Rep. Ray Salva, sets up mini-casino’s all over the state with little restriction and even less regulation.  This bill has now been voted “do pass” out of its committee, which means the bill is now able to be brought to the House floor for debate.  Now is a critical time to contact your local Representative and let them know you expect a NO vote on HB566.  Below is a recap of why it must be rejected:

Why a NO vote?

There will be NO increase in tax revenue to the state, and most estimates show that it will not only cost the state $1.3 million to attempt to regulate, there would actually be a tax revenue loss because people would leave the casinos to play in these untaxed mini-casinos.

The speed of these slot machines is similar to normal slot machines so the amount of money that can be lost by our families and the level of addiction is the same as normal slot machines.

We are no longer talking about expanded gambling isolated to the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.  We are talking about mini-casinos throughout the entire state – a clear disregard for the Missouri Constitution and will of the people.  All of this expansion would be without a vote of the people.

Missouri’s Bingo definitions are far more precise than those of other states and its very likely the bill would be rejected by the court.

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