Self – ban lists help prevent suicides

Missouri is not alone when it comes to a self-exclusion list.  Casino Watch Focus has repeatedly reported on the benefits of self-exclusion lists.  Pennsylvania and New Jersey are examples of other states with a self-ban list.  The Associated Press has reported that the New Jersey’s list has doubled in the last three years, and these lists continue to provide huge benefits to those enrolled:

Evidence indicates that self-exclusion lists may continue to grow, especially with awareness campaigns on the rise. One study showed that some gambling addicts who join self-exclusion lists have truly run out of other options.

A study released in September found that gamblers of all ages have many reasons for putting themselves on the lists, such as “gaining control, needing help, and hitting rock bottom,” according to HealthDay News. But 14 percent of older gamblers said they chose self-exclusion because they wanted to prevent themselves from committing suicide.

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