MO State Rep David Sater wants to pull money away from problem gambling programs

An online article is reporting that Rep Sater wants to move money away from problem gambling programs to put extra money in the general fund:

State Representative David Sater, a Republican from Cassville, has downplayed the importance of problem gambling addiction.  Sater is proposing that the state move money that was earmarked for counseling to problem gamblers to the state’s general funds. Other programs, Sater, feels, are more important that problem gamblers receiving the help that they need.

Where the $368,000 is coming from is the ironic part of the story. Casino admission fees are the money that Sater is targeting to move. The proposal by Sater has many shaking their heads.

“This guy (Sater) must have come from a family with no addiction problems. How he could consciously take money from casinos that was supposed to be used to help problem gamblers., and just move it somewhere else is unfathomable,’ said counselor Trudy Hopkings.

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