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FL legislators differ on Seminole gambling compact – Senate seeks full Vegas Style gambling

A recent web article is reporting that Florida House and Senate bills are each proposing very different proposals on how to deal with the Seminole gambling compact:

Recently, a Senate Committee approved a Bill that would bring a widespread philosophical change to gambling in Florida. The Bill would expand gambling to the point where Florida could become one of the top casino destinations in the country.

The House, however, has other plans. A House Committee on Friday approved a Bill that would scale back the gambling taking place in the state. Card games such as blackjack and baccarat would have to leave the Seminole casinos that are now running the games.

The Seminoles will likely side with the Senate bill, but it would pose significant risk to the people of FL.  The web article continues:

It is unlikely the Seminoles would go along with any negotiations for a compact that would not include blackjack. The game has become the most popular at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, and the Seminoles are too close to full scale casino gambling to accept such a fate.

The Senate Bill is much more appealing to the Seminoles. The tribe not only would be allowed to keep blackjack and baccarat, but they would also gain access to craps and roulette. In other words, full Vegas style casinos.

The Governor is currently in favor of expanded gambling in the state.  Governor Crist and the State Senate are choosing to ignore the serious and devastating consequences that a full out Vegas Style gambling policy would bring to Florida.
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