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FL governor makes a desperate last minute attempt at expanding gambling

Casino Watch Focus previously reported that the FL legislature, being pushed by Gov Crist, was examining two proposals to expand gambling in the state of FL.  Neither proposal seemed very good for the people of the state and it appears the legislature agreed.  Because Gov Crist was unsuccessful in passing the legislation, he has now put forth a new and last minute proposal that he hopes will provide the compromises needed to get the legislation passed by Friday, the last day of Florida’s legislative session.  An internet article reports:

The new agreement would give the Seminoles exclusive rights to offer blackjack and slot gambling outside of South Florida, but would make several concessions to pari-mutuel establishments worried about being forced to compete with the Seminole facilities.

Existing gambling establishments at pari-mutuel facilities in South Florida would see poker limits raised, …extended opening hours and be allowed to have ATMs on the casino floor.

If a deal is not struck between the Seminoles and the FL legislature, a legal challenge will most likely follow.  The article continues:

But behind the scenes a frenzied lobbying effort is being undertaken to broker a deal which will leave both sides satisfied.

The Florida legislative session ends next Friday, but if the legislature does not affirm the legality of the Seminole’s blackjack operations before then, there is likely be a heavyweight legal challenge to shut down their gaming operations in a Federal court, mounted by the Florida House of Representatives through the office of the Speaker.

Frantic public relations efforts are now underway to pave the way for a new agreement, whatever its final form.

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