US Representative Barney Frank introduces bill to legalize internet gambling despite opposition from National Football League and others

An online news magazine is reporting that Representative Frank introduced the bill earlier this month, and it would require online gambling sites to obtain a license from the Treasury Department.  Of course Rep. Frank claims the games would be fair and children wouldn’t be allowed to gamble, but the he faces serious opposition.  The online news magazine reports:

Opponents are not about to give up, They include the National Football League, which says Internet gambling threatens the integrity of its games. Family groups are also taking up the fight. “Research finds that problem gambling is three to four times higher with Internet gamblers than non-Internet gamblers,” said Chad Hills, analyst for gambling research and policy at Focus on the Family Action. “But Barney Frank doesn’t care. He continues to push policy legalizing the most predatory, addictive and exploitive form of gambling to invade 91 million U.S. homes using the Internet.”

Even if the bill passes in the House, it faces a major obstacle in the Senate. A similar bill has not been introduced there, and Majority Leader Harry Reid says he is against Internet gambling.

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