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Kentucky House Passes Gambling Bill but Senate likely to vote no

Casino Watch Focus has reported numerous times on Ky Governor Steve Beshear’s attempt at expanding gambling by legalizing casinos.  Governor Beshear campaigned on the idea that he was going to make full scale casino gambling legal.  Of course, he faced opposition from the horse racing industry and countless pro-family, anti-gambling groups.  His attempt to pass legislation in the house failed last year when he fail to garner enough votes to get the bill out of the house.

Now it appears, Governor Beshear is still trying to expand gambling in Ky.  This time he is starting small and simply seeking to expand gambling at the racetracks.  An online article explains that the bill has passed the house, but has almost no chance and making out of the senate:

Governor Steve Beshear put on his acting face on Friday and applauded legislation passed in the state House that would expand gambling at racetracks in Kentucky. Then, he turned his attention to a little posturing to the state Senate. “An issue that is this important deserves the deliberation and vote of everyone,” said Beshear, “Now the question is will the Senate give everyone in its chamber the same privilege-an up-or-down vote on an issue of such importance to our Commonwealth.”

The answer to Beshear’s question will most likely be no. Senate President David Williams believes the gambling Bill has no chance of approval from the Senate. They have maintained that there is alternative ways of increasing revenue.

The legislators have been debating expanded gambling after Beshear added the issue to a special session this past week to help finalize the state budget. The governor’s main concern for months has been helping state racetracks increase their purses to stay competitive on a national level.

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