A brief look at Gambling related Crime 6/22-6/28

Authorities say con man blew $400,000 in a day at casino

Authorities say a Park City con man who severed his ankle bracelet and fled Utah before he could be sentenced tried to fake his own suicide and gambled away at least $400,000 while on the run. Authorities say he had grown a full beard and undergone eye surgery so he wouldn’t have to wear glasses. Phelps said one person who spotted Geddes while he was on the lam said the fugitive lost $400,000 gambling in one day.

Former Elks treasurer admits stealing $475K in lodge money to pay off gambling debts

A former Elks club treasurer pleaded guilty today to stealing $475,000 from the fraternal lodge with a former tax board commissioner so the pair could pay off gambling debts in Atlantic City, authorities said. Konstantin Belenky, 42, of East Hanover, pleaded guilty in Superior Court in Morristown to third-degree theft from the Florham Park-Fairfield Elks Lodge 815. In entering the plea, Belenky agreed to continue cooperating with investigators against alleged co-conspirator Anthony Crecco, a former Morris County Tax Board commissioner, who was indicted in April on theft charges in the case.

Six years for stealing retired nun’s life savings

A former financial planner was sentenced Thursday to six years in prison for stealing a retired nun’s life savings.  William H. Lofthus looted $427,163.95 from the elderly woman and blew it at riverboat casinos. Bernice F. Laurins died penniless in November 2005 at the Château Living Center in Willowbrook. The retired nun was 92.

Woman stole from 90-year-old to fund online gambling

A former manager of a Yarmouth sheltered housing block stole £14,500 from a vulnerable 90-year-old woman to fund her addiction to on-line gambling …. Mrs House’s finances had started off as legitimate but her addiction to gambling and being made bankrupt had forced her to steal from the victim. “As she looses more and more money she turned then to taking money from the injured party.”

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