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Gambler sues casino for $23 million loss

Casino Watch Focus has reported on several cases involving casinos being sued for failing to recognize and take steps against problem gamblers.  None of these cases have been successful even though there were some convincing examples of casinos failing to uphold their “duty to care” burden.  Yahoo News is reporting another case involving a casino coming under fire for failing to protect its patrons:

A former South Korean company boss who says he gambled away 30 billion won (23.5 million dollars) in three years is suing a casino for allegedly fuelling his addiction, according to a report.

This case however, resulted in a slightly better result for the plaintiff than the two cases here in the US.  He was awarded a large judgment, although the amount was small enough in comparison to what was lost that the judgment will be challenged.  Yahoo News continues:

The man identified only as Chung, 67, is appealing a court ruling last November which ordered the Kangwon Land casino to pay him 2.8 billion won in damages.

Chung says this is not enough since between 2003 and 2006 he lost 30 billion won at the casino — the country’s only one authorised to admit Koreans under strict gaming laws.

The former head of a leather products company claims the government-run casino turned a blind eye to him making bets above the legitimate limit.

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