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A brief look at crime 7/06-7/12

Gambler Husband Kills Objecting Wife

Enraged by her scolding on his gambling habit, a husband in Kulgam killed his wife by a sharp-edged weapon and hid the body under mustard bushels. The senior superintendent of the police for Kulgam, Keshav Ram Churasa, said that the victim’s body had been hidden under a hay stack in an orchard between Bahi Bagh and Mughal Bagh, and had been recovered after locals spotted human feet sticking out of the hay on Thursday evening, two days after the incident.

Young Tennis Star Found Deceased after Gambling Scandal

According to the Associated Press, Mathieu Montcourt, a 24 year old Tennis pro, was found dead in his apartment building. His short lived life was highlighted by a superb Tennis career, despite some bumps in the road.  Montcourt had recently been temporarily banned and fined for illegaly betting on other Tennis matches. The ban would last five weeks, and the fine was just over $12,000 dollars. Some speculate that his death may have been related to his gambling.

Former school district bookkeeper gets prison for embezzlement

A former school district bookkeeper in eastern Missouri’s Montgomery County has been sentenced to 14 months in prison for embezzlement. Carolyn Yelton was sentenced Wednesday in U.S. District Court in St. Louis. Federal prosecutors say Yelton embezzled almost $200,000 from the Wellsville-Middletown School District, where she worked from 2000 to 2007. Prosecutors described Yelton as a regular customer at casinos during the time the money was taken. She must make restitution.

Banker tried for swindling $5.86 million to pay off gambling debt

A YOUNG banker swindled 40 million yuan (US$5.86 million) from a semi-official government body to pay off his gambling debts, a Shenzhen court heard Wednesday. Luo swindled money from a residents’ committee — a semi-official body that’s subsidized by the government — in Longgang in December 2007, the court heard.

Calif. bookkeeper who embezzled $10M gets 18 years

A former bookkeeper accused of embezzling nearly $10 million from her company …Yeomans was accused of stealing money from Quality Woodworks, a cabinetry business in San Marcos, and blowing the money on gambling, shopping trips and luxury items. She pleaded guilty to 10 of 108 felony charges as part of a plea deal.

Illegal Cockfighting Ring Uncovered

A Louisiana man is indicted on charges relating to a Kentucky cockfighting operation. Richard Joseph Abshire is charged with permitting and promoting gambling, both misdemeanors.  He also faces conspiracy to promote gambling which is a class D felony, punishable up to 5 years in prison.  The indictment follows a state police investigation into Bayou Springs the weekend of May 30th. The cockfighting ring just outside of Mt. Sterling was the host to the 2009 World Championship.

Accused murderer claims gang wanted him to kill eight women

Hong Kong – A man charged with killing three prostitutes has claimed an armed gang wanted him to kill eight women, a media report said Wednesday. Nadeem Razaq, a Hong Kong resident of Pakistani origin, told a local court that the gang drove him to the location of each one-woman brothel and waited for him while he carried out the murders but he managed to escape from the group, which was armed with long knives, after the third killing, the South China Morning Post said.  Razaq, who said he owed two members of the gang 45,000 Hong Kong dollars (5,770 dollars) that he borrowed to cover gambling debts

Cash guard raided ATM for $44,000

A cash delivery guard who was a policeman for 13 years has been sentenced to 15 months’ jail for raiding an ATM of cash to feed a gambling addiction. “Most regrettably, the explanation for this crime is gambling, largely, it seems, on poker machines,” Justice Porter said in sentencing.  Shortly before the theft, Eberhardt frittered away $26,000 his mother had lent him as a deposit on a house.

19 charged in dogfighting ring

An investigation into dogfighting across five states has resulted in federal charges against 19 people, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Wednesday.  More than 350 dogs were seized after an investigation into dogfighting across five states.  Indictments unsealed in Missouri, Illinois and Texas detailed gambling rings in which owners bred and trained dogs to fight, then killed them if the animals were badly wounded or failed to perform as desired.

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