A brief look at crime 7/27-8/2

Police Believe Gambling Motive for Shooting

The 17-year-old arrested in Sunday night’s shooting in southeast Rochester could face attempted murder charges. Police say the teen allegedly shot Michael Mills in the face and the shoulder.

Pakistani executive of US firm faces charges

A former Pakistani-American top executive at a major electronics company, who was arrested in California December 19 on charges of allegedly embezzling more than $65 million to pay off his huge gambling debts in Las Vegas, now faces five lawsuits, according to American news media. Siddiqui, who made $225,000 a year, was described in the media reports as a compulsive gambler. Once he lost $8 million in a day.

Bookkeeper admits to theft

The 67-year-old former bookkeeper for the Porthole Pub Bar & Grill in Ocean Shores has admitted embezzling more than $80,000 from the establishment during three years of work. Casino records indicated he had lost more than $148,400 during six years between 2002 and mid-2008, court records stated. He later admitted a gambling addiction to investigators.

Denver Kalkofen of New Holstein sentenced in Calumet County to seven years in prison for theft and securities crimes

Victims of a financial adviser who stole $2.25 million by selling fictional investments say their trust in others was taken alongside their hard-earned savings. Investors included a 91-year-old woman who gave nearly $300,000. Defense attorney Jeffrey Brandt said Kalkofen’s crimes were a symptom of a gambling addiction.

DCF employee investigated for possible theft of funds, court papers say

Authorities have seized the personal computers of a Department of Children & Families employee as part of an investigation into whether she was taking money set aside for needy Florida families and children, court records show.  Shkina Dees, 26, is suspected of using her position in the DCF’s public aid office to funnel assistance money to herself… One former DCF supervisor is serving a 17-year prison sentence for looting $1.54 million she largely spent to feed a gambling addiction. Another former employee is awaiting trial, accused of stealing more than $34,000.

Police Bust Canary Fighting Ring In Shelton

Multiple state law enforcement agencies busted up a bird fighting ring in the town of Shelton Sunday morning. Police confiscated nearly 150 songbirds- canaries and saffron finches- from a home at 176 Ripton Road. Police say the birds were being prepared to fight. “They have a cage in the middle that’s set up like a ring, where the two will go into one cage and fight.” said Shelton Police Sergeant Robert Kozlowsky. “It’s looking like animal cruelty and illegal gambling. They [officers] have found a large amount of currency also at this scene.”


A Philadelphia man said he was sorry and was then sentenced to six years in prison for beating and robbing a casino worker four months ago. Samuel pleaded guilty to charges that he beat and stole a cash bag from a 66-year old casino worker at Bally’s in Atlantic City. The woman was attacked in a service elevator and when she refused to let go of the cash bag, Samuel struck her in the face. A cocktail waitress later heard the disturbance and found Samuel kicking the woman.

Police suspect Simi man of elder abuse

A Simi Valley man was arrested Friday on suspicion of elderly financial abuse after police said he stole more than $100,000 from his mother who suffers from dementia. Pinneri used his 77-year-old mother’s money to fund an expensive drug habit and gambling trips to Las Vegas, Riegert said.

Philadelphia man charged with theft from great-aunt

The nest egg of a 78-year-old Philadelphia woman who thought she had achieved financial security was pilfered by a relative to support a gambling habit, authorities said. He is accused of stealing more than $184,000 from Nellie Blackwell, his great-aunt, from January 2005 through July 2008. Merion detectives said they determined that Lockley made numerous unauthorized bank and ATM withdrawals from the woman’s retirement accounts. Many of the ATM withdrawals were made in King of Prussia and at the Borgata and Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, detectives said. When detectives interviewed Lockley, he said he was the only one with access to Blackwell’s accounts and admitted a gambling problem.

Gambling addict jailed for raids

A gambling addict who carried out a string of armed robberies at bookmakers across south Wales in a bid to clear his debts has been jailed for 10 years. He was gambling so much that Le Croupier and William Hill bookmakers were monitoring what he was spending, with nearly £600,000 staked at William Hill since 2005. He had lost £47,000 in nearly three years. Stephen Morgan from Fairwater, Cardiff, admitted six robberies in two months. The court heard Morgan covered his face and brandished a large kitchen knife before forcing staff to hand over around £11,000. Four bookies were attacked on consecutive nights from 16 January, all at about closing time.

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