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A brief look at crime 8/3 to 8/9

Gambling den kingpin, aide hacked to death

In an act of revenge a kingpin of a gambling den and his assistant were hacked to death in the wee hours of Thursday by a group of people. Mohammad Shafi Mohammad Hanif (40), who ran a gambling den, and his assistant were attacked by 20-25 persons over professional feud. Both Shafi and his assistant were killed on the spot. One of Shafi’s assistants survived the attack. Sources said, Mohd Sajid, who was arrested by the police, was Shafi’s brother-in-law and had fallen apart after heated arguments with the former. Shafi had sacked him.

Casino Gambling And Prostitution, Brazil Says No In Raid

In Brazil, authorities have uncovered a major prostitution ring in which 200 women in the past year were being sent to the US and other countries as prostitutes. Las Vegas and prostitution have been connected for as long as the city has been the gambling capital of the world. High rollers have become accustomed to having their choice of thousands of prostitutes when visiting Las Vegas.

Seminole Tribe police: Man robbing, battering elderly at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino caught

Seminole Tribe police say they’ve caught the culprit behind three robberies in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino parking garage in the last month. The elderly woman had been sitting in her car at 5:16 p.m. when a man approached and grabbed her purse. Then he punched her in the arm to loosen her grip on the steering wheel and snatched the purse.

Man Finally Charged In Illegal Gambling Operation Case

With the authorities cracking down on bars and convenience stores for gambling activity, it was only a matter of time before they caught up to the Internet cafe’s.  One of those cafe’s, the Fast Cation Internet Cafe in Salt Lake City was the focus of an undercover investigation last October. Now, almost a year later, the owner of the business, Frank Musil, was finally charged in the case.

Metro: Prostitution activity found at topless Rio pool

Metro Police officers made arrests for “prostitution-related activity” Saturday at the Rio’s Sapphire Pool, police said, which resulted in the hotel-casino’s decision to close the pool.

Former Morristown attorney accused of stealing $200,000

A disbarred Morristown attorney who went to prison in 2002 for stealing $507,000 has been newly charged with swiping more than $200,000 from a business in Haskell for which he prepared tax returns. His partners learned he was stealing around April 1997 and offered to support him if he underwent therapy for compulsive gambling but they ousted him from the firm when his pilfering continued.

David Vincent jailed for two years over $1 million charity theft

A former Wesley mission employee who stole over a $1 million from the charity to feed a gambling habit, will spend at least two years in jail. The court heard David Vincent tampered with computers at the mission to feed about $1.1 million of the charity’s money directly into his own bank account between 2003 and 2008.

Ex-royal officer jailed for fraud

A former royal protection officer has been jailed for six years for masterminding a £3m betting and property scam.  Paul Page, 38, of Grays, Essex, conned 57 victims – including family and colleagues – over three years to fund a life of luxury and a gambling problem.  Page set up a bogus property company to con colleagues, friends and family out of savings, redundancy cash and pension payouts. Some not only lost six-figure fortunes but their homes and marriages, his trial was told.  His wife Laura, 42, was cleared of helping her husband launder the proceeds and intimidating and threatening to kill one of their victims after he spoke to police.

Md. man admits robbing senior of $10K at casino

A 31-year-old Baltimore man has admitted he mugged and robbed an elderly man of $10,000 after following him out of an Atlantic City casino into a parking garage. Lawrence Bellamy pleaded guilty Wednesday to robbery, and could get up to 16 years in prison when he is sentenced in October.

Woman admits embezzling

An Apple Valley, Minn., woman has admitted to embezzling about $1 million from veterans to support a gambling habit. Hanson was an appointed fiduciary for 33 veterans. In her plea agreement, she admitted to taking money from the veterans’ bank accounts from 2006 to 2008. She also admitted to filing false documents to cover up the embezzlement.

Former Tucson Museum of Art accountant pleads guilty to theft

A former accountant for the Tucson Museum of Art is facing up to 12 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty Monday to stealing more than $973,000 from the organization over a five-year period.  Authorities have been unable to recover any of the money and Sons apparently lost it gambling.  A former accountant for the Tucson Museum of Art is facing up to 12 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty Monday to stealing more than $973,000 from the organization over a five-year period. Authorities have been unable to recover any of the money and Sons apparently lost it gambling

Atlanta man used air pistol to rob South Carolina banks, police say

Jason Lamar Storms has been charged with using a toy pistol to rob at least 10 banks, and police say he shipped the stolen money to Las Vegas. It looks like after he robbed our bank, Storms drove to Florida, flew to Vegas and had the money shipped there in four separate bags,” Rodgers said. “He stayed in Vegas a couple of weeks and flew back to Atlanta in mid-June, so it sounds like he may have a gambling problem, too.”

Kansas casino partner linked to son’s sex scandal

A Washington sex scandal involving a Nevada senator could become a problem for a Sumner County casino. Kansas Lottery officials and state legislators say they’re concerned about casino proponent Michael Ensign’s role in making $96,000 in payments to the family of a woman who had a now well-publicized affair with Ensign’s son, Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev.

Michael Ensign, a casino multimillionaire, is one of two named principals in the Prairie Sky casino project. The Ensign affair has triggered complaints that the senator and his parents, Michael and Sharon Ensign, may have violated federal campaign law with the payments

On July 9, the senator confirmed that payments had been made by his parents to his ex-mistress and her family in April 2008, about the time they left the senator’s employment. The statement also explained that the $96,000 went to the Hampton family as a bundle of $12,000 gifts from each of the Ensign parents to Cynthia and Doug Hampton and two of their children.

At the time, $12,000 was the maximum amount that could be given as a gift without triggering tax liabilities.Whether the payments were legal or not, “I’m not sure that would pass the ethics test,” said state Rep. Vince Wetta, D-Wellington.

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