UPDATE: NFL worried Delaware sports gambling laws will spread across the US – other leagues join suit

Casino Watch Focus previously explained that Delaware passed a law that will allow single-event betting on NFL games.  Currently, only Nevada allows betting on the NFL, a practice the NFL itself has strongly opposed.  The NFL has aggressively attempted to stop or delay this new law.  An online source is pointing to a possible explosion of gambling across the US as a major reason they are attempting to stop this law:

If sports gambling works in the state of Delaware, it will not be long before other states try to adopt similar laws. The NFL knows that, and that is why they are panicking and showing an aggressive nature in trying to stop the betting from starting.

The NFL season is less than a month away, and Delaware has every intention of having their new sports betting options in place by that time. The NFL and other major sports leagues have tried feverishly to stall this gambling from taking place.

The USA Today is reporting that a judge has granted a expedited appeal as other sports organizations are joining the effort to stop this sports betting:

A federal appeals court judge granted an expedited appeal Friday sought by the four major sports leagues and the NCAA, allowing their lawyers to argue in front of a three-judge panel that Delaware shouldn’t be allowed to launch sports betting on Sept. 1.

Lawyers representing the NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA and Major League Baseball sued Delaware in July, arguing that its venture into single-game and parlay sports betting violates the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

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