Update: Delaware gambling law to allow NFL single game betting is overturned

Casino Watch Focus has reported that Delaware passed a law that will allow single-event betting on NFL games.  The league expressed concern for the new law and they filed an injuction against the new law.  The NFL was joined in their suit by the other major sports leagues and the NCAA.  The Jacksonville Observer reported the results:

Delaware’s bid to offer unlimited sports betting was thwarted by a federal appeals court Monday, a ruling that severely curtails what the state’s three casinos can offer.  In a decision by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Theodore McKee said single-game betting – the main draw of the state’s sports gambling efforts slated to launch next week – violated the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell said he was disappointed with the court’s rulling and would look into the states legal options.  The Jacksonville Observer continues:

Delaware, which has spent tens of thousands of dollars on outside lawyers, could ask the entire 3rd Circuit to review the case.  The state’s casinos have spent about $12 million prepping for the start of sports betting, which was supposed to begin with the first weekend of college football. “I don’t think we have any other choice given the investment we’ve made,” Key said.

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