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A brief look at crime 9/14 -9/20

Man Nabbed for Burying Gambling Partner Alive

A man in his 30s was apprehended Monday for allegedly kidnapping his friend, who had lured him into gambling, and burying him in a grave for hours.  Yu lost about 40 million won at an illegal gambling parlor to which he had been taken by his colleague. Yu buried his colleague in a 1.5-meter-deep makeshift grave with his head above the ground, interrogating him over whether he was part of a gambling fraud.  Yu was also suspected of stabbing a creditor identified as a 48-year-old Kim, who loaned him the 40 million won he lost.  Yu, a compulsive gambler, [lost] 50 million won he had inherited from his parents

Man gets 55 years in fatal 2008 robbery attempt

A 26-year-old man faces 55 years in prison for his role in the fatal shooting of a club owner.  A jury convicted Whitmore and 22-year-old Shannon Dockery in July. Authorities described them as the ringleaders in a plot to rob 43-year-old Johnny Duke at his South Bend gambling hall in July 2008. Duke was shot during the botched robbery

Man commits suicide off Greektown garage

A 28-year-old West Bloomfield man committed suicide by jumping from the parking garage of the Greektown Casino garage this morning

Sarasota man charged in $36.5 million Ponzi scheme

He gave them incentives to invest more and paid bonuses to those who brought him new investors. At the end of 2½ years, when everything came apart, Diamond had taken more than $36.5 million from 200 investors, according to a criminal complaint. He also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars gambling in Las Vegas.  Now Diamond, 31, faces charges of fraud and money laundering.

Woman accused of stealing $45,000

A 45-year-old Nekoosa woman officials say stole more than $45,000 from her sister’s business is facing a felony charge… While going through bank records, Miller noticed numerous transactions at the Rainbow Casino in Nekoosa, including $34,303.47 in debit card transactions, $8,961.81 in credit card transactions, $4,923.45 in unauthorized online account transactions and $2,564.11 in unauthorized checks

Killed over a gambling affair

TWO men had been friends for many years. But an argument over a gambling session ended in tragedy when one was killed in a tyre shop in Tanjung Karang, Selangor, on Tuesday.  The enraged suspect stabbed the victim four times on the chest before running away.

Israeli Police Arrest Suspects for Operating Online Casinos

Israeli operators of online casinos were arrested and charged with money laundering, among other offenses, even though Israel permits ownership of online gambling sites as long as Israelis are barred from participating. The judge noted that many Israelis own gaming operations, some listed on the London Stock Exchange, and asked why this case would require arrests and prosecution.

Cape clients betrayed by crooked attorneys

Nancy Allen lost part of her inheritance when attorney John Roberts stole more than $100,000 from her mother. She says she felt “physically assaulted” when she learned Roberts used the money to finance a gambling habit. Roberts, now disbarred, pleaded guilty to stealing $137,000 from the estate of Alice May of Sandwich and was sentenced to house arrest. On Friday, he was arraigned on a charge of larceny by a single scheme in the theft of $650,000.  Allen, whose inheritance was partially stolen by Roberts, expressed similar feelings. Her mother, Alice May, had considered Roberts a friend. She said it felt like she had been “physically assaulted” when she figured out Roberts had grabbed the money to feed his gambling habit.

OSSAA ex-official Danny Rennels charged in $457.5K theft

A former official was accused Monday of embezzling $457,500 from the private association that regulates high school sports in Oklahoma.
[H]e had embezzled the money and spent it on Internet gambling,” a district attorney’s investigator reported. The prosecutor said the Internet gambling involved at least poker.  The charge is the latest in a string of embezzlement cases this year that have hurt state agencies and other private associations. Some of the other cases also have involved allegations funds were gambled away.

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