Daily Archives: October 11, 2009

Proposition A has opened the door to underage gambling

With the passage of Missouri Proposition A, the ability to guarantee that State ID cards are being checked as patrons enter casinos has seriously diminished. Before Proposition A passed, an ID was required to get a boarding pass and each and every patron who wished to board the boats had to have a boarding pass. Now, Proposition A simply requires that identification be checked if a patron looks underage.  Unfortunately, underage gambling has increased and The St Louis Post Dispatch is reporting huge fines against some of Missouri’s biggest casinos:

Missouri casinos have seen an increase in underage gamblers since identification requirements changed as part of Proposition A last fall.  And on Wednesday, the Missouri Gaming Commission made two of the state’s biggest casino companies pay for it.  Commission members voted to fine Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. $60,000, for underage violations at its Lumière Place Casino in downtown St. Louis, and Ameristar Casino $25,000, for violations at its facility in Kansas City.

The casinos are attempting to keep underage gambling to a minimum, but Prop A has no uniform guidelines for checking identification.  Its obvious that the current patchwork of regulation by each casino is not very effective.  The Post Dispatch explains the Missouri Gaming Commission’s position:

[E]ach casino handles ID checks a little differently, and that’s a troubling sign, commissioners said.  “We need to move forward on a unified system of checking IDs,” said James Mathewson, chairman of the commission. “We’ve got a problem. And we seem to be addressing it. But we’re addressing it in six different directions.”  The commission plans to discuss the matter further at its October meeting.”

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