A brief look at crime 9/28/09 to 10/4/09

Prison Gambling Associated With Crime, Substance Abuse When Offenders Re-enter Community: Study

Parolees with a gambling habit may resort to criminal activities and substance abuse when they are released from prison if there are few community supports to help them re-integrate, a University of Alberta study has concluded.  Gambling is prevalent in prisons and the study found that even inmates not habituated to the pastime before incarceration can acquire a taste for it they’re unable to shake when released.

Pair Charged In $70,000 Casino Chip Thefts

Police say they were pulled over while driving a short distance from the casinos and had $66,000 in cash and several stun guns.  Authorities say the men stole chips from closed chip trays that were not being used at the time at the Showboat Casino Hotel, and Caesars Atlantic City.

‘Coward’ raider gets 10 years

A ROBBER who attacked two vulnerable women in their homes to feed his gambling habit has been jailed for 10 years for his “despicable” crimes.  He even tore a wedding ring from the finger of one of his victims, Sheffield Crown Court heard.  He duped the elderly widow with a fake ID card and once inside pulled out a kitchen knife, threatened to cut her throat and demanding money.  “He has developed a rather substantial gambling habit, that led to him getting into financial difficulties.

Arts group treasurer charged with $400,000 theft

The former volunteer treasurer of an arts group that stages one of Indianapolis’ best-known art fairs has been charged with embezzling about $400,000. His attorney says the 28-year-old Benker had a gambling problem and spent most of the money in Las Vegas.

Former stockbroker gets 21-month sentence

A judge sentenced a former stockbroker from Alton to 21 months in federal prison Friday after a prosecutor said the defendant continued to gamble, even after he was fired for stealing other people’s money to do so.  The government has evidence that Harrison continued to gamble at casinos in St. Louis and St. Charles, Mo., even after he was fired in 2008 by Stifel Nicolaus when they caught him taking clients’ money.

Brock, 67, had no other retirement fund than what he provided for himself by investing the money he earned. The man he trusted to give him investment advice, Harrison, took money that was not his and gambled it away, Brock said. Brock noted that while he was trying to salt away a little money for retirement, Harrison was leading the good life.  Harrison then racked up debts of $150,000 and stole more than $90,000, the prosecutor argued.

Dayton Police raid two convenience stores for promoting gambling – Three arrests

Dayton Police raided two convenience stores in Dayton. Coleman emphasized the importance of ridding the area of this type of activity because the promotion of illegal gambling attracts other, more serious types of crime.

Cockfighting ring, meth lab, weapons — oh, my!

An investigation into a cockfighting ring has unearthed a criminal enterprise in southeastern Pierce County, complete with cockfighting, illegal gambling, a marijuana grow operation and meth lab. Stolen cars and automatic weapons also were seized on the property.

Las Vegas clubs get slapped for bad behavior

Authorities crack down on ‘topless and lewd activity,’ excessive drunkenness, prostitution and drugs, holding nightclubs and casinos responsible. ‘We have rules,’ a Nevada gaming regulator says. In July, gaming regulators slapped the Planet Hollywood casino with a $500,000 fine for its Prive nightclub’s bad behavior, including “topless and lewd activity” and dumping club-goers in the casino “in various states of consciousness.”

The same month, the Rio closed its Sapphire topless pool, managed by a local gentleman’s club, after authorities arrested 10 people on suspicion of prostitution and drug crimes. Over Labor Day weekend, eight more arrests on similar charges were made at the Hard Rock Hotel’s pool club, Rehab.

Though the clubs are reliable moneymakers and publicity machines, some have vexed officials with their fraternity-style antics — including stripping contests, fistfights, and alleged drug use and sexual assaults.  Some clubs launched stripping contests; others tried to sneak around no-nudity ordinances by slathering women in body paint.  At Prive, patrons were involved in drugs and brawls, and minors were served alcohol.

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